Find out What's OUT OF WHACK in Your Life and How Your "CLUTTER FACTOR"
is Preventing You From Living the Life You are Meant to Live!
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Emotional Clutter

Are unresolved issues, negative thoughts and anxiety from your past keeping you from the future you deserve? Discover how studying your failures are the very clues that can force you to take action that can lead to success.

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About the Curb the Chaos Interactive Course
Snap Shot of 5-Lesson Course
Support is the key to success! Includes: monthly Live Q&A to connect directly with Dorothy Breininger, plus access to Exclusive Online Forum to connect with like–minded individuals from all over the world.
Discover how the clutter in your life is preventing you from the success you were meant to enjoy.
Enjoy greater freedom since you are no longer tied down by “stuff” you don’t need or want which leaves you feeling lighter.
Experience a new sense of security, confidence and control when you have order in your life.
Gain space for something new, something greater to enter – a new job, fulfilling relationship, higher income, etc.
Bonuses (Worth Over $900).
Get Dorothy’s secrets, techniques, and personal action plans she uses for her private clients during in-home consultations that cost over $1,500!
Your Program Materials
5 on Demand Seminars that are Yours to Keep and
View Over & Over Again.
5 Personalized Action Plans for the Different Areas of
Your Life: What is Out of Whack in Your Life, Emotional
Clutter, Physical Clutter, Body Clutter, & Take Control.
Monthly Live Q&A Session to Connect
Directly with Dorothy Breininger.
Participation in Curb the Chaos Exclusive Online Forum
Community Where You can Connect with Like-Minded
Individuals from All Around the World!
Toolbox includes 23 additional activities to give you
the tools and solutions to de-clutter your life.
Gifts with Purchase: Christmas Countdown Calendar,
Hanukkah Countdown Calendar, Solutions For Free Holiday
Seasons, Twelve Tips For A Happy Thanksgiving
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Session One : What is Out of Whack in Your Life?

What You’ll Learn In This Session
Join Dorothy for this first session as she helps you define what is out of whack in your life. Dorothy’s version of chaos was a toxic relationship and serious weight gain — yours may be about lack of time, feeling overwhelmed, too much clutter, dwindling friendships or low self-esteem & negative thoughts.

What could be underneath it all for you? Can it be impacting your health and well-being? Are you a shopaholic? Are you in huge debt, watching too much television, not getting enough sleep? Dorothy will help you discover your own chaos (whether it’s physical clutter, emotional clutter or even body clutter) — then help you come to terms with your fears and how to rediscover your goals and dreams to inspire your new life rather than seeking the comfort of negative behaviors.

Chaos means something completely different for everyone and that’s why in each session Dorothy will help you create a personalized action plan with the tools and support you need to succeed.

TOOLBOX Activities in this Session
is a quick and easy exercise to help you get clear about who you’ve been until now and declare who you want to become.
allows you to shift from what’s been chaotic in your life to creating and living an extraordinarily rewarding and productive life.
is a reminder of the goals you have identified in order to make a shift in your life.
Session Two : Body Clutter

What You’ll Learn In This Session
In session two, Dorothy will show you how to banish your body clutter and find your ideal
body size. Whether you’re a packrat or a calorie-counter, a neat freak or a binge eater, Dorothy’s
“Five-Step Ideal-Size Body Plan” gives you the tools to de-clutter your way to your ideal size by transforming and adopting new ways of thinking, feeling, and acting by curbing the chaos in
your life.

Do You Have an Obsession with Food or Issues with Self-Esteem?
Are You Struggling with Your Finances or Too Much Clutter?
Are You in Need of a Community or Need to Commune with Your Higher Power?
Dorothy Will Help You Create a Personalized Plan to Get You Started.

TOOLBOX Activities in this Session
gives an unprecedented understanding of your family’s history in terms of food, weight, and patterns of behavior. See how food tendencies are passed from generation to generation.
helps you break the temptation of snacking between meals by “switching out” the old pattern of “fishing for food” with new, healthier and fun alternatives.
includes easy tips for organizing meals at home, at work, in restaurants, at social events, and when traveling!
Session Three : Corner the Physical Clutter

What You’ll Learn In This Session
In session 3, Dorothy shows the connection with clutter on our desks, in our cars, in our homes as the clue to something else going on in our lives that we need to face. Dorothy will help you see the connection and what your clutter says about you.

If you’ve got pockets of physical clutter in your space and you have been ignoring it for a while — clutter is keeping you on the “other” side of the line of success. Clutter acts as a “fence” and the clutter literally keeps you corralled and can immobilize you permanently. It’s now time to really consider whether you want to be fenced in by your stuff or whether you want to remove the fence of clutter and start experiencing the life you want. Now think about the “stuff” in your space.

If only your clutter could talk! What would it say about you? Just as the car we drive, the clothes we wear, or the color we paint our homes may suggest a bit about our personalities, so the same goes for our clutter. The clue to what is blocking you from having an extraordinary life is your clutter. Dorothy will help you unearth your “stuff” in order to get your life back with a personalized
action plan.

TOOLBOX Activities in this Session
helps you manage all of your paper decisions using Dorothy’s TAPP system (Toss, Act, Pile or File, Pass It On).
helps you rate your stuff, if you are struggling with reducing clutter in your space.
helps you organize the outfits in your closet rather than the clothes.
Session Four : Banish Your Emotional Clutter

What You’ll Learn In This Session
Dorothy will help you banish the emotional clutter in your life: past failures, lack of self-esteem, toxic relationships, fears & anxieties. Dorothy will help you learn about your own emotional resistance and how confronting your fears can force you to take action.

In this session you will learn that studying your past failures can help you self-correct and blast forward in life. You will get the tools to reframe past failures so you can address other emotions that clutter up your brain such as fear and anxiety.

TOOLBOX Activities in this Session
allows you to cleanse any bad feelings or negative attitudes that are limiting your success.
lets you find out where you rate so you can start nurturing yourself and harnessing your self-esteem.
gives you a light-hearted glimpse if you and your partner are compatible to be together and lay the groundwork for avoiding toxic relationships.
is for those in a committed relationship and desire to recharge your relationship and find the spark again.
helps to establish good boundaries essential with everyone in your life.
Session Five : Take Control

What You’ll Learn In This Session
Disorganization also occurs when you feel overwhelmed, when you are experiencing sleep deprivation, when you have too much to do and too little time, when there’s not enough money in the bank, when we feel isolated from others, when we feel guilty for saying stupid things or making mistakes, and perhaps we experience loneliness because we don’t have a spiritual connection when times are tough. Especially when you are nurturing others or doing for others, most people unconsciously look for ways to “act out,” because our own needs are going unmet.

Some of us act out with food, some of us do it with cluttering, sleeping, gambling, drinking, procrastinating — you name it. Bottom line, by overlooking ourselves, we seek a quick fix to substitute the self-care we did not build in for ourselves originally. Instead, with Dorothy’s help, you can tackle issues you have avoided facing such as your: Lack of sleep, Feeling overwhelmed, Lack of time, Lack of finances, Feeling isolated, Lack of community support, Lack
of spirituality and Mistakes. With Dorothy’s help however, we can curb that chaos and get our
lives back.

Dorothy's Exclusive Bonuses

MONTHLY LIVE Q&A SESSION to connect directly with Dorothy Breininger, first Thursday of every month, 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm, Pacific / 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm, Eastern. If you can’t make the live Q&A session, you can still join Dorothy! For your convenience, all participants automatically receive access to the recorded Q&A sessions. So you can still listen to the monthly Q&A session, no matter what your schedule.

Connect with like-minded individuals from all over the world!.

Christmas Countdown Calendar, Hanukkah Countdown Calendar, Solutions For Free Holiday Seasons, Twelve Tips For A Happy Thanksgiving

TOOLBOX Activities in this Session
helps to insure a better night’s sleep by using “visioning” techniques to read every night before you go to bed.
includes Dorothy’s top tips to help you relax, unplug, and deactivate your brain for a restful sleep.
will help you learn how to say “No” to others so you can say “Yes” to yourself — the groundwork for avoiding toxic relationships.
will help you learn how to stop, regroup and prioritize when you feel your life is out of control.
helps to establish good boundaries essential with everyone in your life.
designs your day when you declare your must do’s, wanna do’s, and have to do’s, along with committing your food for the day and focusing on priorities.
helps you face your financial picture head on by coming to terms with what you’ve been ignoring and what needs to be addressed.
lets you create your own version of a guiding spirit, if spirituality is missing in your life.
includes four ways to get connected with community support.
highlights the essential four parts of an effective apology and not all apologies are created equal.
"Clutter is never about stuff. It is about something else going on in your life that is out of whack. Let me provide you with a personal action plan that includes the tools to start living the life you were meant to live.
- Dorothy
My Special Limited Time Offer
$197 Now Only $97
What People Are Saying
Little did I know being part of Curb the Chaos Course was going to be a defining moment
in my life. ...working with the tools she has within the program really gave me the courage
to finally get a breakthrough. ... am more accepting of who I am, faults and all and have given
myself the courage and the permission to go after my dreams no matter what. ...Life has
definitely new meaning, new energy, new lust for life. ...and I owe it all to Dorothy.
- Suzette D
It had never occurred to me that the extra pounds I carry and my clutter might be connected!
Dorothy’s methods certainly work! She has inspired me to look at how I might start doing things
differently in my life and the tools and action plans in the Curb the Chaos Course are always
available if I need new inspiration. Thank you Dorothy!
- Todd
Curb the Chaos changed my life! It helped me conquer my workaholic and obsessive behavior
and has restored a healthy balance to my life. Organizing and decluttering has given me better
control of my life. I now think more clearly and effectively. I would urge everyone to take Dorothy’s
course and “What's Out of Whack in Your Life” was my favorite part that helped me define my
goals and dreams that continue to motivate me to change my life for the better, forever!
- John S
Before taking the Curb the Chaos Online Course my apartment had become more like a storage
unit than a home since I recently downsized to a smaller living space. I couldn't sit as a family at
our kitchen table. After the Course I feel lighter physically and emotionally, I can sit as a family
at my table, I am cooking healthy meals rather than processed foods or fast food. In a month I have
lost 5 pounds. It has been an awesome experience.
- Natalie

Dorothy Breininger (DorothytheOrganizer), is America’s most innovative organizer, author, motivational
speaker, life coach and expert guest on A&E's Hoarders show, Dr. Phil, The Doctors, View, Today Show, QVC
and PBS. Dorothy tackles what is out of whack in our lives from the much-needed perspective of what lies
underneath our clutter—metaphorically, physically, and emotionally.

Dorothy provides the tools to find out your clutter factor and how the clutter in your life is preventing you
from living the life you were meant to live. Dorothy is a high-energy, sought-after national speaker who
inspires her audiences to produce results and take immediate action. Dorothy is a member and lecturer
for the National Association of Professional Organizers and Institute for Challenging Disorganization.
Dorothy is a 3 time recipient of NAPO-LA’s “Most Innovative Organizer Award.”

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